Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review

The Hunger Games
The book that I read is called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
This book is a dystopia about an imperfect country. The people in the Hunger Games are being controlled by the Capital. Everything the Capital wants them to do or say will happen. Because the Capital has power over them. The kids in the district are scared what to say or not to say. There is a conflict with the Capital and the Districts because the people of Panem has no freedom. They can't say anything because the capital is always listening.
Katniss is 17 years old, she lives in district 12. Their district produces coal. She is a teenage girl who watches her little sister. because her father died in a coal mining accident. So she has been taking care of her and her family ever since. She hunts to feed her family. Which is illegal. And if she was caught she would be killed by the Capital.

Every year they pick people to go into the Hunger Games. And this year Prim was chosen to go into the Hunger Games and Katniss did not want her to get killed or hurt so Katniss said that she would go. Because she is the stonger one out of the two.

The Hunger Games is a T.V show everyone is forced to watch. What the Hunger Games is, is there are two tributes from each district and they fight other tributes till death. They also fight in the arena. So, to win Katniss will have to survived by killing 23 people. Then at the end, she had to kill everybody but Peeta and her. You should win as a whole.

I really liked this book because the book had a lot of imagery in this book. Like in the Hunger Games they had a lot of action. With the explosives, and killing with arrows. And all the love you see in there eyes.

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