Thursday, December 17, 2009

God Grew Tired Of Us(Movie Reaction.)

We watched the movie God Grew Tired Of Us. I thought that it was a good movie because it showed us how people lived in Sudan and how they lived. When the African came to the U.S. They had to become a U.S. citizen. So they had to fill out a whole bunch of paper work and they had to go out and get an apartment and at least one or more jobs just to be able to eat, never mind living in their own apartments. They need to make a good living for themselves. One of them wanted to go to college and start his life until one day when he got a letter in the mail, his family was alive and he had to pay to get them back. They had to try to get enough money working two jobs to pay to get his mother and sister and he had to pay a certain amount of money for them each. He found out that more of his family was alive but he could only have two family members come to the U.S.
The book had some similarities to the book, like when Ishmael lost his family and he had no hope left. They both left their homelands to be where there was no civil war going on. They both had to leave their friends and family because they were all separated from them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Text To Self Connection

"We were simply told to follow the path until we received instructions on what to do next."

This really relates to my life because, as you grow up you are taught a certain way until you are told other wise. Like when you are growing up you have certain things to do and you have to obey by your parents way and you are not to disobey. And if you do you get punished for doing the wrong thing or just not lessoning.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I think that the best thing that we did all year would have to be the vignettes, we read House On Mango St.  The book was about reality and real life situations that took place in her life. There were a lot of reflections in my life. These vignettes are snapshots of a time or place. I thought that they were a lot of fun, we got to use our creativity to express our emotions and self in a variety of different ways.

writing and reading

I think that this year I have learned a lot more then last year, even though I have missed a lot of school because of thing out of school, I have learned how to be more independent Within myself. I have really improved this year toward the end of the year. I also still need to work toward reading a full book and sticking with it.


This year I have had my ups and downs, I started out with a bad year and having a lot of hard time with getting to school and getting work down and handed in on time. Now at the end of the year I have learned to be Independent with myself and get done what has needed to get work done. 

I learned that the world is not going to stop just because I feel that I don't want to do something at that time. That I have to face reality and move on with life. English class has helped me a lot by writing out how I had been feeling at the time, I had gone through a lot this year and getting to write things on paper, an also by acting in class with class mates.

I think that I have improved in my reading since last year. I have accomplished a lot within this year, that might seem funny seeing how I have missed a lot of school, but that has taught me with my grades and teachers and family that i needed to grow up and face reality.

I really enjoyed Writing vignettes, they have lets me tell and expressing my felling and emotions, We also wrote about some fun and silly things such as what kind of flower are you, I thought that this was the funnest thing all year of my 10th grade year. I hope that next year we write something like that in my 3rd year of high school.